Testimonial 18

Aghosh July 23, 2020 NO COMMENTS

I’ve already attended 3 cooking classes! 🤓 I wanted to get the idea of the differences between the cuisines of India and one really can learn how to recognize different mindsets by just knowing the dish. Anjali is very informative and really DEBUNKS the myths related to Indian cuisine (which, by the way, keeps me alive in this flavorless country).

Now, for those interested in “exotic” flavors and yet unprepared to face chillies and rich dishes, these cooking classes may still be helpful in changing your approach (to better!) to preparing rice, loved-by-everyone Indian flatbreads and simple desserts. Also, the classes changed my approach to cooking onions!

Since the menus are created to suit your interests (not the recipes – they are original!), one can always opt for less hot meals and enjoy the cooking class even with somewhat sensitive taste buds. Needless to emphasize though, all the spices are original and from India, spice blends are homemade and other ingredients of top quality! Worth every cent!

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