Testimonial 17

Aghosh July 23, 2020 NO COMMENTS

I came across these cooking classes purely by accident and registered with my husband to do the first cooking lesson with Anjali. It was blowmind to say the least. Since then I have done 3 or 4 cooking classes with her. Anjali is an amazing, warm person – her passion for cooking is surreal and is demonstrated in every cooking class. Watching her face light up while explaining recipes to us warms my soul. I have never met anyone who LOVES to cook like her and the classes are easy to follow and very well explained. But most of all, when you actually taste the food you realize how much love has gone into the preparation and cooking of it.
These courses are for everybody whether you are a fan of Indian food or not as if you aren’t- you will surely fall in love with the exotic spices used. Courses are tailored to individual needs which makes it very special. Kudos to Anjali for following her dream from lawyer to chef and making herself and so many of us addicted to her food.

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