Home – where the heart is!

Anjali Venugopal April 26, 2016 NO COMMENTS

aI don’t remember the last time I sat with mum on our verandah watching as the sun said goodbye to the day, sharing the neighbourhood gossip, laughing at our own goofiness (yes, it runs in the family), pondering over the happenings of the bygone days. But today, as we did just that, I realised that I’ve been away for a long time and something made me want to pen down a few of my thoughts; about the days that I spent on this same verandah, in my school uniform wishing I could leave this ‘boring’ city for more fun and freedom. And that’s exactly what I did.

Now as I stand at 26 when I’m allowed to live life on my own terms, I feel a strange tug somewhere, a yearning to just.. stay. The wind in my face, the familiar smell of agarbati from the houses nearby, the faint sound of music the wind brought from the temple down the lane and my mum’s laugh made me realise one thing if not anything else.

…as they say, home is where the heart is and mine, is right here.

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