Cooking Classes

About the cooking class

After I moved to Europe, I realized Indian food is misunderstood as much as it is loved globally. I realized the popular adjectives associated with Indian food are spicy, oily and sometimes even unhealthy. That had to change because Indian home cooking is all about the balance. Let me take you on a region wise culinary adventure where we play with spices, cooking techniques, lentils, grains etc. typical to each region in India while we break down all myths surrounding this ancient, wholesome and hearty cuisine one at a time. The recipes I use all either pebbles I have been picking up in my culinary journey or gems that have been passed on for generations in my family.

Time: 3-4 hours per session
Method of instruction: largely demonstrative (although you are welcome to get as involved as you like 🙂 )
Language: English


  • A full-fledged meal together after every session.
  • Homemade Indian cocktail that I specially make for the day.
  • Homemade dessert.
  • A tailor-made recipe booklet to take home.
  • Information on how to source all the ingredients in Paris.

This website (and my business!) is under construction. Once everything is up and ready, we’ll update this page and you’ll be good to go!