A One-Pot Chicken Rice

Anjali Venugopal December 7, 2016 NO COMMENTS

Hello again!
Here I am, guilty as charged for abandonment of blog (yet again!).

Well, honestly, I have come to realise that juggling a law firm job, managing the house (in spite of considerable help from the Husband), cooking, living with my obsessive cleaning tendencies, keeping the finances in check, making sure that I am involved as much as possible with the families back home and working out, all in one day, is not as easy as I may have foreseen, a couple of months ago.

However, despite all the hustle and bustle I must say that I am quite enjoying this new phase. Although, not a day of mine passes by without my wondering as to how my Amma has been doing this and more for all these years without grumbling. Some superstars we have as moms!

Well, the good news is, despite all these daily activities I just listed out, my cooking has not taken a back seat. I make it a point to cook at least a simple meal every day after I get home from work. I have come to realise that this little hobby of mine does to my mind just what a long hot bath with some exotic essential oils does to my body. It is not oft that one’s passion and profession end up being one and the same thing. And as much I would push anyone to run after their passion with all their might, I would never preach that they do so, at the cost of leading a financially independent life. But! Even amidst all the busyness your work life throws at you, it is absolutely essential that you keep aside a tiny portion of your day, only to do that one thing that makes you happy; that one thing that does not ask for that extra bit of effort from you; that one thing that you look forward to with a twinkle in your eye, just as the long day at work draws to a close.

Cooking does that for me. It just peps up my mind in no time. In fact, it need not even be full-fledged cooking. There are days when I just come back from work, struggle with the multiple layers of clothing (thank you, Wien!), change into an oversized tee and a pair of over used shorts, probably get myself a cold beer from the fridge, and then plonk myself on the couch to read the recipes I may have bookmarked through the day. The Husband now realizes that this is when I get in to my zone for a bit, before I have the energy to get into planning dinner or blabber about my day at work, and he goes about doing his own thing. I cannot stress enough on how absolutely important this half an hour is for me. Why don’t you start with keeping aside half an hour of your day ONLY for yourself? Don’t forget to come back to thank me. Haha.

Anyway, getting down to business. Today I am going to share with you a recipe that I came up with on a pretty long day when there wasn’t much energy left in me to cook an elaborate dinner. It is a one pot chicken and vegetable rice. And by that I mean, the whole dish is cooked in a single pot and you have a yummy meal on the table in less than 40 minutes flat.

Things you will need: (serves 2 giants and 3 normal eaters)

· Chicken breast- 2 (You may use some pieces of boneless chicken too. About a 100 grams)

· Basmati Rice- 1.5 rice cooker cups

· Spring onions- 2 sticks cut into small pieces

· Onion- 1 small, sliced

· Carrot- 1 grated

· Green chillies- 2 slit

· Soya sauce- 2 tbsp

· Chilly garlic sauce- 2-3 tbsp (I used sriracha)

· Ginger garlic paste- 1 tsp

· Thyme- optional ½ tsp

· Salt and pepper to taste

· White vinegar- 1 tsp (can be substituted by half a lime’s juice)

How to go about it

1. The first step would be to boil the chicken in a saucepan with about two cups of water, enough salt, pepper (1 tsp) and thyme. Just make sure there is enough water since we would need enough chicken stock to proceed with the recipe. This would take only around 5-8 minutes.

2. Take the boiled chicken out and shred it into small pieces. Keep the stock aside.

3. Next in a deep wok, heat some cooking oil. Add the ginger garlic paste and sauté till the oil becomes fragrant.

4. Add all the vegetables and sauté in the oil only till they begin to soften. This should not take more than another 5 minutes.

5. Add all the sauces to the vegetables. Here, there is honestly no fixed quantity. I like some flavor in my food so added some extra chilly garlic sauce too. By two tbsps each should be good.

6. Also add a tsp of white vinegar.

7. Sauté for around a minute.

8. Next add the rice straight into the wok. Mix well. With the sauces and veggies.

9. Add 3-4 cups of the chicken stock to the rice. Mix well.

10. Keep the wok closed for about 10 mins.

11. When the rice starts to cook, add the shredded chicken and more stock, just in case you feel it is insufficient for the rice to cook thoroughly.

12. The rice takes about 20 mins in toto to cook completely and for the water to dry up.

13. Your one pot meal is ready. Dig in! 🙂
This recipe works well for a working day dinner or even for a quick date night meal at home! Bring out the chef in you. Your body and your bank balance will thank you for life! 🙂

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